About Us

Paperwork Theatre CIC create live theatrical experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. We create art which is joyful, playful, adventurous and full of human experience.

Our work happens in a range of spaces from traditional theatres to outdoor promenade performance and everything in between; red telephone boxes, night clubs, shopping centres and cycling our time machine through the streets.

Led by Co-Artistic Directors Nicole Behan, Hayley Greggs and supported by Company Director Siofra McKeon-Carter, their work connects with people through stories and seeks to find ways for audiences to become active participants. We create original theatre through collaborative practice and we’re passionate about new writing and finding new narratives.

We recognise that taking part in artistic activity helps people feel more engaged with their community, improves mental health and well being and establishes positive long term impacts to reduces loneliness and social isolation. It is our mission at Paperwork, to work with our communities, artists and theatre makers to achieve this.


To make theatre and experiences that matter and are accessible to everyone by being bold and inventive with the stories we tell and the spaces we tell them in. 

To connect with people through stories and artistic activities, finding ways for audiences to be active participants.

We believe the arts should be inclusive and engage people from all backgrounds and we aim to remove barriers people face when accessing the arts alongside creating high quality theatre.

We are theatre makers, dedicated to living, working and creating in the North West with a view to create a national reach.

We create work collaboratively, with a range of artists (professional and emerging) and strive to make real connections with our location, audiences and communities.


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