About Us

Who We Are

Launched in 2014, Paperwork Theatre create live theatrical experiences for all ages and backgrounds. Led by a core creative team of Co-Artistic Directors Nicole Behan & Hayley Greggs and Creative Producer Siofra McKeon-Carter, their work connects with people through stories and seeks to find ways for audiences to become active participants.

What We Do

By creating work which is joyful, playful, adventurous and full of human experience, Paperwork aspire to create shared experiences which are accessible to everyone.

We create highly visual and physical storytelling in a range of traditional theatres and non-traditional spaces which have included city centres, festivals, red telephone boxes, night clubs, shopping malls and children’s libraries. Through our practice, we aspire to attract both regular theatre goers and people who don’t normally access theatre by animating spaces in new ways and inviting audiences to experience theatre in a non-traditional manner.

How We Do It

To make work with people, not for people
To create for regular theatre goers and people who don’t normally access theatre.
To create highly visual and physical storytelling in a range of traditional and non-traditional spaces
To animate spaces with new and risk-taking theatre that pushes boundaries
Work with children and young people to explore and develop their creativity
Engage and involve real people from all parts of life across the human landscape
To hear and say things that have not been said before
To be open and honest with our audiences
Everything we do will be as good as it can be
To provoke thought, empathy and emotion and change people’s perceptions about one another and the world
To embrace digital technology and evolve with it
To discover new ways of communicating and theatre languages to create new narratives
To tour regionally and nationally to theatres, community venues and festivals

Paperwork Theatre have developed work with the support of Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, Heritage Lottery Fund, Ideastap Innovators Fund, Awesome Fund Liverpool and O2 Think Big. Paperwork Theatre have worked as Supported Artists at the Octagon Theatre Bolton and most recently, have been commissioned by Open Culture Liverpool and Saltscape Animate.









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