Tea-Cup Commissions

cup of coffee with gold coins of malaysian ringgit

Hosted by Paperwork Theatre Tea-Cup Commissions are a way to support the development of a new artistic idea for less than the price of a cuppa. Donate to our micro commission scheme and every time the pot reaches £100, local theatre makers can pitch to win it at the next Play-Date to support a new idea or project. Simple!

Help us fill the cup by donating here

How does it work?
We always bring a Tea-Cup along to our Play-Dates. We ask that if you can spare a quid or two, help us fill the cup. When it reaches a total of £100, we will open for applications.
Eligible applicants are invited to pitch their new idea our next Play-Date. The pitch which receives the highest number of votes on the night takes home the fund.
Who’s eligible?
Theatre makers at any stage of their career are invited to apply. You might be an individual, a company or collective who work across any art form, from playwriting to puppetry, street theatre to solo shows – so long as you consider it to be theatre.
You are eligible for a Coffee Pot Commission if you:
⁃Are based in the North-West
⁃You‘re not currently a student/ theatre is your job
⁃You must be developing a new idea for theatre/ live performance
⁃You have not been in receipt of a Tea-Cup Commission within the last 12 months
Next event:

Tuesday 14th January, Liverpool Everyman Theatre, 7-9pm

If you’d like to pitch, simply email us with the following information.

Project Title
Project Dates
About you (up to 50 words)
About your project (up to 100 words)
How you’d use the money (up to 100 words)
Email Subject: Commission Application
to info@paperworktheatre.co.uk

DEADLINE 5pm Friday 10th January.

Successful pitchers will be asked to speak for 4 minutes about their project on the night. A winner will be chosen by a vote at the event.