Deep Blue

The parks are full of families, the pubs are full of mates, but it’s in the aisles of Tesco where Riley lights up.

 She’s at that weird, in-between age where you can still carry off a crop top yet a whole bottle of wine has serious consequences the next morning. Craving human connection, Riley takes a chance and for a moment, everything is just about perfect. Then the door slides shut.

When David Attenborough floods her home with the story of the world’s loneliest whale, she gets it. That mournful song. That sinking feeling… 

Deep Blue is a raw, tender and comic exploration of what it means to belong, punctuated by an original indie-rock soundtrack. 

Deep Blue premiered digitally in 2021. It will be staged live in Autumn 2022 in Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

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Originally created for digital viewing, this production was kindly supported by:
Arts Council England Project Grants, Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, Peggy Ramsay Foundation, The Granada Foundation, Elizabeth Rathbone Charitable Trust, Unity Liverpool
& Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Theatres.