Women’s Drama Group

A weekly community theatre project for women in Liverpool age 25+ to reduce loneliness and isolation through creativity. Led by Paperwork Theatre’s core team of artists, we use storytelling, creative writing, improvisation and digital arts to devise original performances celebrating connection and community.

The group meet weekly on Thursdays 1-2.30pm at Luna, Northern Lights, 5 Mann St, Liverpool L8 5AF. New members are welcome!

For enquiries contact Danielle danielle@paperworktheatre.co.uk

In partnership with Liverpool Everyman Playhouse and LifeRooms.
Supported by Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, Elizabeth Rathbone Charitable Trust
Comic Relief Community Fund, Lottery Local Connections Fund

Check out previous projects below:

Connected, An Audio Experience
inspired by the places we feel connected to.
Created in Lockdown 2021

Devised by the group, Director Nicole Behan, Dramaturg Hayley Greggs, Music by Keeley Ray

International Women’s Day _ Mini Film Challenge

We challenged the group to create their own films over zoom, they had to include the words ‘nothing is impossible’, music, an iron, have a clear genre and be made in their own homes, without meeting in person.

Here are the results!