Typhoon & The Pedal Players

Their time machine is broken and the Pedal Players are stuck in a time continuum. They’ve been cycling around in circles for centuries, telling hidden stories, myths and legends for years and years and YEEEARS!  Time is running out, they must make it to 2018 to warn humanity of its fate.

Join them on their journey across time and space.

Typhoon & the Pedal Players is an interactive street theatre performance experience for family audiences.

Our cargo bicycle turned steampunk Time Machine is called Typhoon. She travels across time and space, powered by a team of actor-musicians called the Pedal Players. Enrol on the NIT (Non- Intergalactic Travellers) training programme and join them on their journey. Along the way, discover hidden stories, myths and legends told through original songs, physical storytelling and live performance.

Gaze upon The Room Of A Million Romances where star crossed lovers dance through the Blitz. Learn about the entire town that sank beneath the ground with The House That Jack Built or lend an ear to hear the sea shanty about a ghastly Beast In The Waters.