The world’s books have gone unread for months, 
Now their pages are fused together
Stories ripped apart
and their characters, twisted.

A gateway between two realms has been opened, enter if you dare
and restore their magic before it’s too late.
But watch your step, bad things can happen to people in the woods.

Twisted is a dark digital quest. Search for magical objects, unlock passwords and follow a digital map for a treasure hunt style adventure in your local area.

Created by Paperwork Theatre in collaboration with Bookworm Players
Written by Jessica May Buxton
Directed by Nicole Behan
Producer Hayley Greggs
Dramaturg Hayley Greggs
Design Sascha Gilmour
Film & Photography Wes Storey, The Hatch UK
Web App Sglodion
Make up Charlotte Ann Roberts

Nadia Anim, Carmen Arquelledas, Michael Bailey, Darren Begley, Jessica May Buxton, Aisling Leyne, Becky Webb

Performance Dates
Warrington Welcome Back Festival Saturday 6th August – Monday 24th August.
Begin at Time Square, Warrington Town Centre
Available to play anytime